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We deliver quality translations in over 30 languages because we use qualified specialist translators. We work exclusively with native speakers as only native speakers are perfectly familiar with the nuance of a language and its cultural features.

Commonly requested language
German (CH/DE): English-German; German-English
French (CH/FR): English-French; French-English
Italian (CH/I): English-Italian; Italian- English
Spanish (EUR/AMS): English-Spanish; Spanish- English
Other languages upon request


Subject areas

Quality translations because we use specialist translators in more than 20 subject areas.
We work with qualified translators with in-depth knowledge of the sector.

Energy, construction, engineering, automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical
Internet, telecommunications, computing and information technology

Economics,  finance, accountancy, insurance and legal
Communications, advertising and journalism
Medicine, chemistry, mathematics, architecture, the environment and social sciences
Art, fashion, music, history, cookery


With SDL Trados Professional we have the flexibility to translate all common file formats:

Microsoft Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx)
Microsoft Visio (vdx)
Open Office (sxw, odt, ods, odp)
Adobe FrameMaker (fm, mif)
Adobe InDesign (inx, idml)
Adobe Illustrator (ai. fxg)
Rich Text Format
Xliff, sdlxliff
Html, html


Desktop Publishing
Our translators can work directly in you document thanks to the compatibility of the DTP formats (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) and the SDL Trados translating tool. We translate the following print documents: prospectuses, catalogues, product descriptions, flyer and posters.

With layout adjustment
You send us an InDesign package (font, links and graphics). We translate and sort out the layout. You receive the finished Indesign document and/or the PDF ready for printing. Cost surcharge based on the amount of work.
File > Pack
File > Export > Adobe PDF > Save

Without layout adjustment
You send us an IDML file and a PDF. You receive an IDML file back and can open it directly again in your InDesign project. We do not adjust the layout. No cost surcharge.
File > Export > InDesign markup (IDML) > Save
File > Export > Adobe PDF > Save

Website translation

Translation in Word format
You send us the content of your website in Word format and receive the translated files in the Word file. No cost surcharge.
You send us the links to the text to be translated. We extract the text, and you receive the translation as a Word file. Cost surcharge of 10%.

Translation in XML or HTML format
Your webmaster sends us the content of the website in XML or HTML format and receives the translated files back in XML or HTML format. No cost surcharge.

Translation in CMS
You send us the link. We translate the text directly in your CMS. Cost surcharge of 25%.